The Reasons Why A Lot Of People Are Considering Retiring In Thailand

Like a great many husbands of Thai wives, me and my Thai wife are hoping to be retiring in Thailand this year. It is pretty normal for ‘Farangs’ (the Thai name given to western ‘aliens’) married to a Thai National to retire in Thailand, yet similarly various unmarried people retire in Thailand too.

Apart from being able to provide your Thai partner a home in his or her own country and you being able to stay with your partner, what are the additional key advantages of retiring in Thailand?

Here are a few of the reasons you may wish to retire to Thailand:-

1. Varied and wonderful landscapes with stunning coastlines

2. Cuisine that is totally mystifying and a delight to look at and to the taste buds but that is additionally very inexpensive

3. Wonderfully hot climate

4. A cost of living that is a tiny percentage that of the western countries

5. And last but by no means least – the wonderful colourful and mysterious Thai society

6. With it’s exquisite bhuddist temples, that influences it’s breathtaking architecture, ancient tradditional costumes and music, Thailand still retains it’s mysterious eastern origins and is more ‘eastern’ as any other eastern country.

Each one will have their own particular reason for retiring in Thailand and it may not even be listed above. But one thing is certain – you can retire comfortably in Thailand even without a huge income.

What Kind Of Income Do You Need To Retire In Thailand Happily?

I’ve seen it reported that $700 – around 23,000 Thai Baht – monthly can provide you a good standard of living in Thailand.

According to the Thai immigration rules you it is obligatory to have an income of 65,000 Thai Baht a month (roughly 2,000 US dollars) a month to meet the requirements for Thai retirement visa. (Further restrictions additionally apply – such as being aged 50 plus). If you are married to a Thai National that 65,000 Baht requirement income decreases to 40,000 Baht.

40,000 Thai Baht monthly is a decent salary for a Thai National in a respectable position working for Thai Airways. I know because a friend of mine in Bangkok is rewarded with exactly that. And she has a BSc and an MSc plus years of experience! With that 40,000 Baht she can a mortgage on a brand new house in Bangkok area, a loan on a brand new Japanese automobile and then have sufficient remaining for everyday living and holidays.

Should you do not have any loans or mortgage to pay off that 40,000 ought to be an ample income to retire in comfort in Thailand.

Assuming, of course, that you owned a place to live in.

How To Own Your Own Property In Thailand

Should getting the tiny monthly income needed to retire in Thailand is easy then finding a place to live is a not nearly as easy. Over the years, the Thai government have voted for ever increasing numbers of laws to prevent foreigners from owning land in Thailand. Foreigners can procure property – condos for example – but not the land they are built on. There have been loopholes in the past, like buying land via a Thai company you own, but little by little all these loopholes have been blocked off.

What’s the answer?

Let me give you a few choices to think about.

Buying An Apartment In Thailand Without Owning The Land

It is wholly legal for an ‘alien’ to buy an apartment in a condominium block. This ownership is restricted to the building itself and not the land upon which it sits.

There are downsides with this which generally relate to what the Thai owner of the condominium thinks his responsibilities are. His view on this may well disagree from that of the actual Thai law!

Aquiring A House In Thailand Under The Name Of Your Thai Other Half

Assuming that you think that you will stay on good terms with your Thai partner for the remainder of your intended retirement in Thailand, you may contemplate investing in a home in their Thai name. Obviously you will never own the property and your investment will always be under the control of your partner. But if you are content with this it is an option.

You may also wish to think about how the ownership of the property would be dealt with if your Thai partner were to pass away before you. An unpleasant subject I know, but it may be a serious matter for you.

Other Things To Consider Before Retiring In Thailand

How To Understand The Thai Traditions

You may have seen reports or read books about the differences between Thai and western cultures. Or you may have first hand experience from a close relationship with a Thai. If you don’t have this understanding then it’s advisable to investigate at least a few of the books on the subject as the differences, charming as they may look in the beginning, may tire on you later on.

Further Data Relating To Retiring In Thailand

As you would expect, in such a little article, I can merely introduce a few thoughts about retiring in Thailand to you. For additional information pleasetake the time toread my other articles and/or visit the Retiring In Thailand website where many additional topics about Thailand and retiring in Thailand are covered. You can come across information on how to build a house in Thailand, how to find out the cost of building a house, all about Thai visas and so on.

Every Farang has his own individual grounds for visiting to Thailand. A youthful traveler seeking adventure, a bachelor looking for a fresh business venture.

Doesn’t matter what your rationale for coming to this tropical Land of Smiles, I can tell you one thing . . you have arrived at the right place to obtain fantastic information and resources for satisfactory retirement to Thailand.

Holidaying Thailand for a more extensive vacation prior to retiring to Thailand is an exceptional method to testdiscover if this is the Heaven for you. A few europeans come to Thailand for six months to 12 months to ascertain if they should retirement to Thailand and find the vicinity of Thailand they love.

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